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Gregg Allman Dead at 69
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Gregg Allman at Azkena Rock Festival
Photo by: Alberto Cabello

Gregg Allman, the Sound of Southern Rock, passed away on May 27th at the age of 69. Gregg, along with his brother Duane, founded the Allman Brothers Band in 1969. The band is considered to have defined the Southern Rock genre. According to his official website, the singer "passed away peacefully at his home in Savannah, Georgia."

The brothers had been playing together since they were teens, and performed as a part of several bands throughout the early 60s until they formed the Allman Joys in the mid 60s. This became their first successful band, and took them on the road with their act. The band reformed as the Allman Brothers in 1969 with their debut self-titled album. This album featured some of the bands first hits, including "Trouble No More" and "Whipping Post".

The Allman Brothers hit mainstream success in the 70s, which was too late for Duane Allman who had been killed in a motorcycle accident in 1971. It was songs like "Blue Sky", "Ramblin' Man", "Midnight Rider", and "Jessica" that brought the band their fame. After the Allman Brothers broke up, Gregg went on to form the Gregg Allman Band, which he performed under until his death.


The Allman Brothers are considered to have paved the way for other rock groups to emerge from the south, including Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Marshall Tucker Band. In addition to pushing the musical style of Southern Rock into the mainstream, Gregg Allman had a signature look with long blond hair and thick sideburns which was also mimicked by others.


Throughout his life and career, Gregg Allman suffered from tragic family losses and addition to drugs. Although a cause of death was not announced with his death, Allman had suffered repeated issues with his liver in recent years.

Article photo courtesy of  Alberto Cabello, CC 2.0.