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Pass The Coffee Trivia


Friday, October 20th-Question

The average household gets a new one of these every decade.  What? View trivia!

Thursday, October 19th-Question

People in this profession are statistically more likely than any other profession to get speeding tickets.  What profession? View trivia!

Wednesday, October 18th-Question

This product has a life span of 10 years, yet 90% of them are rarely used after the first year.  What? View trivia!

Monday, October 16th-Question

Twenty years ago more than 60 million people used one of these.  Today, it's less than 6 million.  What is it? View trivia!

Friday, October 13th-Question

One of the most popular superstitions, 25% of Americans do this.  What?

View trivia!

Thursday, October 12th-Question

Nearly 99% of all of these sold are used just for decoration.  What? View trivia!

Wednesday, October 11th-Question

Almost half of people in a new survey said it's no longer important to have one of these in their home.  What? View trivia!

Tuesday, October 10th-Question

By the time they turn 28 years old, the average American will have done this 6 times.  What? View trivia!

Monday, October 9th-Question

According to new research, more women get into fist fights over this than anything else.  What? View trivia!

Friday, October 6th-Question

Back in 1950, just 7% of us had done this.  Today, 75% of us have done it.  What? View trivia!

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