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Pass The Coffee Trivia


Friday, April 28th-Question

When you were a kid, what was most likely to make your dad angry?  29% of people said this. View trivia!

Thursday, April 27th-Question

A new study says that 25% of renters say this is more important than having a washer and dryer in their apartment.  What? View trivia!

Wednesday, April 26th-Question

This is the most frequently told lie in offices.  What? View trivia!

Tuesday, April 25th-Question

Women spend 40 days of their lifetime doing this for their man.  Men only spend about 16.5 days doing the same for themselves.  What? View trivia!

Friday, April 21st-Question

This happens about 200 times a year in the average household.  What? View trivia!

Thursday, April 20th-Question

Nearly 40 million Americans wear these every day.  2/3rds of them are women.  What? View trivia!

Wednesday, April 19th-Question

In 1975, only 2% of brides kept this.  Now, it's more like 29%.  What? View trivia!

Tuesday, April 18th-Question

Divorced people do this twice as much as the rest of us.  What? View trivia!

Monday, April 17th-Question

Most of this is consumed between the hours of 9pm and 11pm.  What is it? View trivia!

Friday, April 14th-Question

More than 20% of drivers keep this in their glove compartment.  What? View trivia!

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