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Wednesday, December 13th-Question

70% of all sales of this item happen in December.  What? View trivia!

Tuesday, December 12th-Question

A new survey of people in their 40s say their favorite holiday movie or special is "A Christmas Story".  What was #2? View trivia!

Monday, December 11th-Question

Nearly 40% of us used one of these while holiday shopping this year.  What? View trivia!

Friday, December 8th-Question

The number one answer, over half of the people surveyed said they would definately re-gift this if they are given it this year.  What? View trivia!

Thursday, December 7th-Question

Lots of us get one of these at Christmas, and more than 85% of them are imported from China.  What? View trivia!

Wednesday, December 6th-Question

Only 15% of us plan to get a gift for this person during the holidays.  Who is it? View trivia!

Tuesday, December 5th-Question

When you buy one of these, it's at least 10 years old.  What? View trivia!

Monday, December 4th-Question

There's been talk of getting rid of these, but we made just over four billion of them last year.  What? View trivia!

Wednesday, November 29th-Question

According to a new survey, 76% of kids will do this at some point over the next four weeks with the majority of them doing it this weekend.  What? View trivia!

Tuesday, November 28th-Question

In a survey, 23% of people said they dislike this the most about the holiday season.  What? View trivia!

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