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Pass The Coffee Trivia


Friday, May 18th-Question

In a new survey, 15% of people said when you buy this for the first time you can consider yourself an adult.  What? View trivia!

Thursday, May 17th-Question

68% of us fear dying.  Only one fear tops that number.  What is it? View trivia!

Wednesday, May 16th-Question

If you have this occupation, you walk about 4.5 miles per day.  What? View trivia!

Tuesday, May 15th-Question

58% of single women have at least one of these at home, only 49% of single men do.  What? View trivia!

Monday, May 14th-Question

According to kids, this is the one thing that dad is better at than mom.  What? View trivia!

Friday, May 11th-Question

According to a new survey, Americans are expected to spend $23.1 billion dollars on this this year, or about $189 per person.  What? View trivia!

Thursday, May 10th-Question

North Americans drink more of this than any other region in the world.  What? View trivia!

Friday, May 4th-Question

46% of women say they would not go on a second date with a guy if he still does this.  What? View trivia!

Wednesday, May 2nd-Question

Americans use and throw out 500 million of these every day.  Enough to circle the earth twice.  What? View trivia!

Tuesday, May 1st-Question

The average adult makes this purchase every 2 1/2 years.  What? View trivia!

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