Pass The Coffee Trivia

Pass The Coffee Trivia

Wednesday, May 22nd -Question

Sales of these peaked in 1987, with 22% of American homes having at least one.  What?

Answer: Waterbeds!

Tuesday, May 21st -Question

According to a new survey, the average person spends $70,000 on this in their lifetime.  What?

Answer: Take out/delivery!

Monday, May 20th -Question

According to a new study, 83% of Americans have one of these.  What?

Answer: A sibling!

Friday, May 17th -Question

A new survey from USA Today says women are 3 times more likely than men to admit that they have done this.  What?

Answer: Shoplifted!

Thursday, May 16th -Question

Listening to music will make this last about 19 minutes longer.  What?

Answer: Your workout!

Wednesday, May 15th -Question

The average one of these lasts about 410 days.  What?

Answer: A marriage engagement!

Tuesday, May 14th -Question

The average woman has $250 worth of this that never gets used.  What?

Answer: Jewelry!

Monday, May 13th -Question

According to a new sleep study, 92% of men and 88% of women do this.  What?

Answer: Snore!

Friday, May 10th -Question

1200 mothers were recently surveyed and asked what they really want for Mother’s Day.  This was the number one answer.  What?

Answer: A good night of sleep!

Thursday, May 9th -Question

25% of American teens have never seen one of these once very common items in person.  What?

Answer: A typewriter!

Wednesday, May 8th -Question

One in 9 people share this with their dog or cat.  What is it?

Answer: Their pillow!

Tuesday, May 7th -Question

A new survey found that most parents trust their kids with this at the age of 12.  What?

Answer: Their own cell phone!

Monday, May 6th -Question

Every Mexican restaurant will give you these, but they are not Mexican.  They were actually invented in the United States in the 1940s.  What?

Answer: Tortilla chips!

Friday, May 3rd -Question

According to a study, women who watch this on TV weigh an average of 11 pounds more than women who don’t.  What?

Answer: Cooking shows!

Thursday, May 2nd -Question

Almost half of men say this happened to them before they turned 21, while only a third of women say it happened to them.  What?

Answer: They got fired from a job!

Wednesday, May 1st -Question

About 1 in 70 people have never been here.  Have never been where?

Answer: A dentist!

Tuesday, April 30th-Question

On average, you will clean this every 110 days.  What?

Answer: The refrigerator!

Monday, April 29th-Question

Men who have one of these earn 23% more money than men who do not.  What?

Answer: A wife!

Friday, April 26th -Question

44% of people have one of these in their car even though it no longer works.  What?

Answer: Car air freshener!

Thursday, April 25th -Question

In a new survey, 62% of people claim they know how to do this even though they have never actually done it by themselves.  What is it?

Answer: Change a tire!

Wednesday, April 24th -Question

25% of people do this right after buying a car.  What is it?

Answer: Name it!

Tuesday, April 23rd-Question

Until 1950 Americans did this twice a day, now we only do it once a day.  What?\

Answer: Check the mail!

Monday, April 22nd-Question

According to a new survey, 25% of people say it’s rude for house guests to ask for this.  What?

Answer: WiFi password!

Thursday, April 18th -Question

According to a survey, 15% of us in Yellowstone county have someone in the family who has done this.  What?

Answer: Lived to be 100!

Wednesday, April 17th -Question

Almost 40% of people do this at home everyday, but 1 in 12 people say they never do.  What?

Answer: Make the bed!

Tuesday, April 16th-Question

Hiring managers polled in a survey found 10 body language traits that derailed candidates’ chances of getting a job.  Most (67%) agreed that this was their biggest reason for not hiring.  What?

Answer: Failure to make eye contact!

Monday, April 15th-Question

At any given moment, there are 660,000 Americans doing this dangerous activity.  What?

Answer: Texting and driving!

Friday, April 12th -Question

Online daters who mention this as a hobby on their profile get 21% more messages than those who don’t.  What’s the hobby?

Answer: Reading!

Thursday, April 11th -Question

Four out of every ten kids will get their first one before their fourth birthday.  What?

Answer: A cavity!

Wednesday, April 10th -Question

If you do this today it will take you an average of 20.2 seconds.  What?

Answer: Leave a voicemail!

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