Pass The Coffee Trivia

Pass The Coffee Trivia

Thursday, July 18th -Question

The average person starts doing this at age 41.  What?

Answer: Taking vitamins!

Wednesday, July 17th -Question

According to a new survey, only 1 in 5 offices in the U.S. still have one of these.  What is it?

Answer: A strict dress code!

Tuesday, July 16th -Question

It’s estimated that nearly half of all people 20 years old and younger have never purchased one of these.  What?

Answer: A postage stamp!

Thursday, July 11th -Question

You’ll find this summertime treat in 67% of American households.  What?

Answer: Popsicles!

Wednesday, July 10th -Question

According to a new survey, 70% of people say they go cheap when buying these.  What?

Answer: Sunglasses!

Tuesday, July 9th -Question

41% of people have caught a coworker doing this.  What?

Answer: Stealing someone’s food!

Monday, July 8th -Question

According to a new survey, almost 60% of people say you should never do this before 8am.  What?

Answer: Call someone!

Wednesday, July 3rd -Question

In a recent survey, 33 million Americans said they would choose this for their last meal on Earth.  What is it?

Answer: Pizza!

Tuesday, July 2nd -Question

This year, 22% of new brides will have this in common.  What?

Answer: They won’t take their husband’s last name!

Monday, July 1st -Question

According to a new survey, 70% of parents will let their kids do this on vacation, but not at home.  What?

Answer: Jump on the bed!

Friday, June 28th -Question

In 1979 there were only about 90 of these in the U.S. Today there are more than 7400 of them.  What are they?

Answer: Breweries!

Thursday, June 27th -Question

41% of Americans now have one of these household devices.  What is it?

Answer: A Keurig!

Wednesday, June 26th -Question

1 in 12 people say they always check this out before buying a new house.  What?

Answer: Their neighbors!

Tuesday, June 25th -Question

People in this profession walk an average of 4.5 miles per day doing their job.  What job?

Answer: A nurse!

Monday, June 24th -Question

One in 7 women have broken up with a man because they didn’t like this.  Didn’t like what?

Answer: His mother!

Thursday, June 20th -Question

The average person learns how to do this at the age of 8.  What?

Answer: Swim!

Wednesday, June 19th -Question

The average person stops doing this at age 33.  What?

Answer: Having birthday parties!

Tuesday, June 18th -Question

This product only cost five cents for the first 73 years of it’s existence.  What?

Answer: Coca-Cola!

Monday, June 17th -Question

According to a new study, roughly 7% of all American fathers work here.  Where?

Answer: At home!

Friday, June 14th -Question

35% of grown men who engage in this hobby say they hide it from their mothers.  What?

Answer: Motorcycles!

Thursday, June 13th -Question

The average person has 14 of these.  What?

Answer: Pairs of underwear!

Wednesday, June 12th -Question

According to a new study, roughly one in 10 millennials have never done this, but almost 100 percent of people over 50 have.  What?

Answer: Ride a bicycle!

Thursday, June 6th -Question

According to a new survey, 25% of us haven’t used this in at least 6 months, and 2% never have used one.  What?

Answer: A landline phone!

Wednesday, June 5th -Question

The average American goes thru 50 feet of this a year.  What?

Answer: Dental floss!

Tuesday, June 4th -Question

According to a new survey, men are twice as likely not to use this product even though experts say we should.  What?

Answer: Sunscreen!

Monday, June 3rd -Question

35% of American households have one of these in their yard.  What?

Answer: A garden!

Friday, May 31st -Question

15% of millennials have never read one of these.  What?

Answer: A paper road map!

Thursday, May 30th -Question

75% of us did this growing up, but now less than half of us do it.  What?

Answer: Eat together as a family at the table!

Wednesday, May 29th -Question

According to a new survey, nearly 70% of people would break up with their partner if they asked them to give up this.  What?

Answer: Their pet!

Tuesday, May 28th -Question

According to a new survey, 35% of women do this on their drive to work.  What?

Answer: They put on make up!

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