Pass The Coffee Trivia

Pass The Coffee Trivia

Wednesday, January 23rd-Question

7% of people do this every night even though health experts say you shouldn’t.  What?

Answer: Sleep on their stomach!

Tuesday, January 22nd-Question

We Americans spend $1.5 billion dollars every year on this food.  What is it?
Answer: Dog food!

Monday, January 21st-Question

You’ll find 41 of these in the average American house.  What are they?

Answer: Light bulbs!

Friday, January 18th-Question

Chances are if you or your spouse do this, your child will do it by the age of 1.  What?

Answer: Snore!

Thursday, January 17th-Question

56% of baby boomers say they had this toy growing up.  What?

Answer: Jump rope!

Wednesday, January 16th-Question

According to a new study, being in a good mood when you do this makes it more effective.  What?

Answer: Getting a flu shot!

Tuesday, January 15th-Question

In a new survey of couples, 30% of men say they’ve borrowed this from their significant other.  What?

Answer: Razor!

Monday, January 14th-Question

According to a new survey, most people think you shouldn’t get more of these once you reach your late 30s.  What?

Answer: Tattoos!

Friday, January 11th-Question

If you’re average you will have 11 of these in your lifetime.  What?

Answer: Homes/residences!

Thursday, January 10th-Question

Nearly 70% of people with one of these don’t use it for it’s original purpose.  What?
Answer: Garage!

Wednesday, January 9th-Question

Just over 26% of school kids have this in their backpack.  What is it?

Answer: Hand sanitizer!

Tuesday, January 8th-Question

People usually do this once or twice a day and it takes about 8 minutes to accomplish.  What?

Answer: Getting dressed!

Monday, January 7th-Question

Thanks to smartphones and apps, the average American spends 80% less time here than they did a decade ago.  Where?

Answer: The Bank!

Friday, January 4th-Question

78% of people in a new survey say they plan on doing this this weekend.  What?

Answer: Take down Christmas decorations!

Thursday, January 3rd-Question

Couples do this a total of 4 hours during the month of January-more than any other month.  What?

Answer: Argue!

Wednesday, January 2nd-Question

According to a new survey, 77% of women say they find this fun, but only 39% of men do.  What?

Answer: Dancing!

Friday, December 28th-Question

The average American never uses 85% of these even though we pay for them.  What?

Answer: TV channels!

Thursday, December 27th-Question

According to a recent study, in America this is on the dinner table for 20% of our meals.  What?

Answer: Chicken!

Friday, December 21st-Question

According to a new survey, 69% of families will go out and do this holiday tradition on Christmas day.  What?

Answer: Go to the movies!

Thursday, December 20th-Question

25% of couples enter into marriage without knowing this about their spouse.  What?

Answer: Their salary!

Wednesday, December 19th-Question

According to a new survey on families, the average woman does this 4 times a week, while the average man does it only once a week.  What?

Answer: Call their mother!

Tuesday, December 18th-Question

In the late 1960s and 1970s, 50% of kids did this.  Now it’s about 15%.  What?

Answer: Walk to school!

Thursday, December 13th-Question

70% of all sales of this are rung up during the month of December.  What?

Answer: Gift wrap!

Wednesday, December 12th-Question

A new sleep survey found that 36% of us do this about 4 times a day.  What?

Answer: Hit the snooze button!

Tuesday, December 11th-Question

In a new poll, the top 3 secret Santa gifts people actually want are alcohol, chocolate and what?

Answer: Gift cards!

Wednesday, December 5th-Question

3% of Americans will have this at lunch today.  What?

Answer: Alcohol!

Tuesday, December 4th-Question

This happens more in the two weeks before Christmas than any other time of the year.  What?

Answer: Couples break up!

Monday, December 3rd-Question

When you buy one of these, it’s at least 10 years old.  What?

Answer: A Christmas tree!

Friday, November 30th-Question

The average 30 year old will do this 3 times a year.  The average 65 year old will do this 20 times a year.  What?

Answer: Fill a prescription!

Thursday, November 29th-Question

96% of these household items are purchased by women.  What is the product?

Answer: Candles!

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Tuesday, June 26th-Question

In a new survey, 40% of American women say they dislike their husband’s taste in this.  What?   Answer: Music!Continue Reading

Monday, June 25th-Question

In a new survey, 17% of men say they have never worn one of these. What?   Answer: A tuxedo!Continue Reading

Thursday, June 21st-Question

A new study in USA Today says that millennials could make this a thing of the past with 10% of millennials currently not doing this.  What?   Answer: Tipping!Continue Reading

Tuesday, June 19th-Question

35% of American homes have one of these outside.  What is it?   Answer: A garden!Continue Reading

Monday, June 18th-Question

In a new survey, 24% of women and 19% of men say this is the worst household chore.  What?   Answer: Cleaning the bathroom!Continue Reading

Friday, June 15th-Question

Most people have about 150 of these at home but only ever use around 15 of them.  What?   Answer: TV channels!Continue Reading

Thursday, June 14th-Question

There are 6 of these in the United States.  What?   Answer: Living Presidents!Continue Reading

Wednesday, June 13th-Question

The average person had six of these just 5 years ago.  They now have 19.  What are they?   Answer: Passwords!Continue Reading

Tuesday, June 12th-Question

Only 7 percent of married women trust their husbands with this task.  What?   Answer: Laundry!Continue Reading

Friday, June 8th-Question

People use this more on Fridays than any other day of the week.  What?   Answer: Use an ATM!Continue Reading

Thursday, June 7th-Question

According to a new study, people who have 2 to 4 of these a day have an 18% lower risk of death.  What?   Answer: Cups of coffee!Continue Reading

Wednesday, June 6th-Question

In a new survey, 60% of brides say they dread this the most about their wedding.  What?   Answer: The best man’s speech!Continue Reading

Tuesday, June 5th-Question

26% of Americans never use this common product that most people use daily.  What?   Answer: Perfume or cologne!Continue Reading

Monday, June 4th-Question

92% of us have at least one kind of this in our fridge right now.  What?   Answer: Cheese!Continue Reading

Friday, June 1st-Question

23% of managers say this is a deal breaker during an interview.  What?   Answer: A weak handshake!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 31st-Question

For 22% of adults, this is the first thing they do when they get home from work.  What?   Answer: Get their mail!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 31st-Question

For 22% of adults, this is the first thing they do when they get home from work.  What?   Answer: Get their mail!Continue Reading

Wednesday, May 30th-Question

According to a new survey, 18% of people say they have never used one of these and 58% say it’s been over five years since they’ve used one.  What?   Answer: Pay phone!Continue Reading

Tuesday, May 29th-Question

The average person will spend 80 minutes doing this today.  What?   Answer: Eating!Continue Reading

Friday, May 25th-Question

10% of pets now have one of these.  What?   Answer: A social media account!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 24th-Question

70% of kids say they don’t recognize this item that was common in classrooms 20 years ago.  What?   Answer: Overhead projector!Continue Reading

Wednesday, May 23rd-Question

In a new survey, 40% of American women say they dislike their husband’s taste in this.  What?   Answer: Music!Continue Reading

Tuesday, May 22nd-Question

20% of grandparents admit they dislike this about their grandkids.  What?   Answer: Their name!Continue Reading

Monday, May 21st-Question

It’s estimated that the extra weight of this costs airlines one million dollars per year.  What?   Answer: Cell phones!Continue Reading

Friday, May 18th-Question

In a new survey, 15% of people said when you buy this for the first time you can consider yourself an adult.  What?   Answer: Insurance!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 17th-Question

68% of us fear dying.  Only one fear tops that number.  What is it?   Answer: Public speaking!Continue Reading

Wednesday, May 16th-Question

If you have this occupation, you walk about 4.5 miles per day.  What?   Answer: A nurse!Continue Reading

Tuesday, May 15th-Question

58% of single women have at least one of these at home, only 49% of single men do.  What?   Answer: A pet!Continue Reading

Monday, May 14th-Question

According to kids, this is the one thing that dad is better at than mom.  What?   Answer: Teaching them how to drive!Continue Reading

Friday, May 11th-Question

According to a new survey, Americans are expected to spend $23.1 billion dollars on this this year, or about $189 per person.  What?   Answer: Mother’s Day!Continue Reading