Pass The Coffee Trivia

Pass The Coffee Trivia

Friday, March 22nd-Question

Today, 60% of people who do this job are women.  It was originally a male dominated occupation.  What?

Answer: Bartender!

Thursday, March 21st-Question

According to a new customer satisfaction survey, the type of business that consumers are most happy with are breweries.  Two types of businesses, that most of us use everyday, tied for last place in customer satisfaction.  Name either one.

Answer: Cable TV providers and internet providers!

Wednesday, March 20th-Question

The average American has 9 of these but never uses 3 of them.  What?

Answer: Keys!

Tuesday, March 19th-Question

The average person complains 3 times a day.  What’s the #1 thing we complain about?

Answer: Bad customer service!

Monday, March 18th-Question

In her lifetime, a woman will do this four times more often than a man.  What?

Answer: Visit a doctor!

Friday, March 15th-Question

According to a new survey by, 46% of women say THIS stresses them out twice as much as their kids.  What?

Answer: Their husband!

Thursday, March 14th-Question

The average person had 6 of these in 2014.  They now have 19.  What?

Answer: Passwords!

Wednesday, March 13th-Question

According to a new study, 15 million people, the majority of them teens and millennials, got rid of this in 2018.  What?

Answer: Their Facebook page!

Tuesday, March 12th-Question

In a new survey, a little over half of people said they wish they could go back in time and change this.  What?

Answer: Their college major!

Monday, March 11th-Question

According to a new study, we will likely see an 8% increase in traffic accidents today because of this. What?

Answer: Daylight Savings!

Friday, March 8th-Question

There were once 9000 of these in the world, soon there will be only one.  What?

Answer: Blockbuster Video Stores!

Thursday, March 7th-Question

According to a new survey, 52% of Americans started planning for this this month.  What?

Answer: A vacation!

Tuesday, March 5th-Question

In a new survey, 12% of women say they have ended a date prematurely because the guy did this too much.  What?

Answer: Swearing!

Monday, March 4th-Question

A new survey says you’ll find this food in 75% of American homes.  What?

Answer: Chicken noodle soup!

Friday, March 1st-Question

27% of Americans say they’ve never stepped foot in this place, though they’re close to it everyday.  Where?

Answer: Their neighbor’s house!

Thursday, February 28th-Question

According to a new study, the average woman visits this place once each week for a total of 28 minutes.  The average man makes two trips a week there for a total of 22 minutes.  Where?

Answer: Grocery store!

Wednesday, February 27th-Question

This leads to approximately 100 deaths a year in America and more than 11,000 injuries.  What?

Answer: Shoveling snow!

Tuesday, February 26th-Question

According to a new study, this is the one thing in your house that gets used more than anything else.  What?

Answer: TV remote control!

Monday, February 25th-Question

According to a new study, this is the number one pet peeve of dads.  What?

Answer: Leaving the lights on!

Friday, February 22nd-Question

15% of cars on the road today are either missing this or have the wrong one.  What?

Answer: A gas cap!

Thursday, February 21st-Question

The average woman has the most of these at the age of 31.  What?

Answer: Friends!

Wednesday, February 20th-Question

The average woman uses 189 of these over their lifetime, while the average male uses 140.  What are they?

Answer: Sick days!

Tuesday, February 19th-Question

96% of homes in the U.S. have this in the kitchen.  Have what?

Answer: A bottle of ketchup!

Monday, February 18th-Question

According to a new survey, single women sink an average of $231 into this every month.  Single guys, just $76.  What is it?

Answer: Savings!

Friday, February 15th-Question

The #1 thing Americans say they don’t get enough of is sleep.  What’s #2 on the list?

Answer: Vacations!

Thursday, February 14th-Question

This year more than 9 million Americans will do this for Valentine’s Day.  What?

Answer: Get a gift for their pet!

Wednesday, February 13th-Question

A new study shows that only 20% of grade school kids these days know how to do this.  What?

Answer: Read an analog clock!

Tuesday, February 12th-Question

According to a new survey, 33% of American adults now do this for less than six hours each day.  What?

Answer: Sleep!

Monday, February 11th-Question

Half of brides agree, this is the thing they dreaded most about their wedding.  What?

Answer: The best man’s speech!

Friday, February 8th-Question

On average, we eat 36% more calories than on a normal day, while we are at this place.  Where?

Answer: Movie theater!

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Tuesday, June 26th-Question

In a new survey, 40% of American women say they dislike their husband’s taste in this.  What?   Answer: Music!Continue Reading

Monday, June 25th-Question

In a new survey, 17% of men say they have never worn one of these. What?   Answer: A tuxedo!Continue Reading

Thursday, June 21st-Question

A new study in USA Today says that millennials could make this a thing of the past with 10% of millennials currently not doing this.  What?   Answer: Tipping!Continue Reading

Tuesday, June 19th-Question

35% of American homes have one of these outside.  What is it?   Answer: A garden!Continue Reading

Monday, June 18th-Question

In a new survey, 24% of women and 19% of men say this is the worst household chore.  What?   Answer: Cleaning the bathroom!Continue Reading

Friday, June 15th-Question

Most people have about 150 of these at home but only ever use around 15 of them.  What?   Answer: TV channels!Continue Reading

Thursday, June 14th-Question

There are 6 of these in the United States.  What?   Answer: Living Presidents!Continue Reading

Wednesday, June 13th-Question

The average person had six of these just 5 years ago.  They now have 19.  What are they?   Answer: Passwords!Continue Reading

Tuesday, June 12th-Question

Only 7 percent of married women trust their husbands with this task.  What?   Answer: Laundry!Continue Reading

Friday, June 8th-Question

People use this more on Fridays than any other day of the week.  What?   Answer: Use an ATM!Continue Reading

Thursday, June 7th-Question

According to a new study, people who have 2 to 4 of these a day have an 18% lower risk of death.  What?   Answer: Cups of coffee!Continue Reading

Wednesday, June 6th-Question

In a new survey, 60% of brides say they dread this the most about their wedding.  What?   Answer: The best man’s speech!Continue Reading

Tuesday, June 5th-Question

26% of Americans never use this common product that most people use daily.  What?   Answer: Perfume or cologne!Continue Reading

Monday, June 4th-Question

92% of us have at least one kind of this in our fridge right now.  What?   Answer: Cheese!Continue Reading

Friday, June 1st-Question

23% of managers say this is a deal breaker during an interview.  What?   Answer: A weak handshake!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 31st-Question

For 22% of adults, this is the first thing they do when they get home from work.  What?   Answer: Get their mail!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 31st-Question

For 22% of adults, this is the first thing they do when they get home from work.  What?   Answer: Get their mail!Continue Reading

Wednesday, May 30th-Question

According to a new survey, 18% of people say they have never used one of these and 58% say it’s been over five years since they’ve used one.  What?   Answer: Pay phone!Continue Reading

Tuesday, May 29th-Question

The average person will spend 80 minutes doing this today.  What?   Answer: Eating!Continue Reading

Friday, May 25th-Question

10% of pets now have one of these.  What?   Answer: A social media account!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 24th-Question

70% of kids say they don’t recognize this item that was common in classrooms 20 years ago.  What?   Answer: Overhead projector!Continue Reading

Wednesday, May 23rd-Question

In a new survey, 40% of American women say they dislike their husband’s taste in this.  What?   Answer: Music!Continue Reading

Tuesday, May 22nd-Question

20% of grandparents admit they dislike this about their grandkids.  What?   Answer: Their name!Continue Reading

Monday, May 21st-Question

It’s estimated that the extra weight of this costs airlines one million dollars per year.  What?   Answer: Cell phones!Continue Reading

Friday, May 18th-Question

In a new survey, 15% of people said when you buy this for the first time you can consider yourself an adult.  What?   Answer: Insurance!Continue Reading

Thursday, May 17th-Question

68% of us fear dying.  Only one fear tops that number.  What is it?   Answer: Public speaking!Continue Reading

Wednesday, May 16th-Question

If you have this occupation, you walk about 4.5 miles per day.  What?   Answer: A nurse!Continue Reading

Tuesday, May 15th-Question

58% of single women have at least one of these at home, only 49% of single men do.  What?   Answer: A pet!Continue Reading

Monday, May 14th-Question

According to kids, this is the one thing that dad is better at than mom.  What?   Answer: Teaching them how to drive!Continue Reading

Friday, May 11th-Question

According to a new survey, Americans are expected to spend $23.1 billion dollars on this this year, or about $189 per person.  What?   Answer: Mother’s Day!Continue Reading