Pass The Coffee Trivia

Pass The Coffee Trivia

Wednesday, August 21st -Question

In a survey, 21% of us say our favorite teacher taught this subject. What? Answer: Music!

Tuesday, August 20th -Question

In a new survey, almost 70% of women say that skipping this has a worse impact on their day than skipping breakfast. What is it?

Answer: Skipping a shower!

Monday, August 19th -Question

Only 10% of guys will admit that they cannot do this. What?

Answer: Change a tire!

Friday, August 16th -Question

The average person eats this 98 times per year. What?

Answer: Cereal!

Wednesday, August 14th -Question

The average person goes through 800 of these in their lifetime, mostly before the age of 11. What?

Answer: Crayons!

Tuesday, August 13th -Question

Less than 20% of men own one of these. What is it?

Answer: A cat!

Monday, August 12th -Question

According to a new survey, 21% of moms say if they were given an extra hour everyday, they would do this. What?

Answer: Read!

Thursday, August 8th -Question

Ladies, according to the latest research, this is the germiest thing in your purse. What?

Answer: Debit and credit cards!

Tuesday, August 6th -Question

The average person owns 25 of these.  What?

Answer: T-shirts!

Monday, August 5th -Question

The average woman will unintentionally consume six pounds of this in their lifetime.  What?

Answer: Lipstick!

Friday, August 2nd -Question

70% of Americans who own one of these have given it a name.  What?

Answer: A guitar!

Thursday, August 1st -Question

The three songs sang most often in the U.S. are “Happy Birthday”, “Star Spangled Banner” and this song.  What?

Answer: “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”!

Tuesday, July 30th -Question

The average American will spend 5 months of their life waiting for this.  What?

Answer: Stop light to change!

Monday, July 29th -Question

The average worker will have about 45,000 of these during their career.  What?

Answer: Cups of coffee!

Friday, July 26th -Question

36% of homes have two of these and one of them is at least 5 years old.  What?

Answer: Vacuum cleaners!

Thursday, July 25th -Question

We are spending twice as much on this now compared to just two years ago.  What?

Answer: Streaming services!

Wednesday, July 24th -Question

According to a study, adults who did this when they were a kid are more likely to end up with higher salaries. Did what?

Answer: Played an instrument!

Tuesday, July 23rd -Question

A study shows that men who wear these are perceived as angrier and more aggressive.  Wear what?

Answer: Red shirts!

Monday, July 22nd -Question

If you have one of these there’s a 70% chance that you have two.  What?

Answer: Tattoos!

Friday, July 19th -Question

In a new survey, 40% of men say it doesn’t bother them if this is broken, but almost 90% of women say it’s unacceptable.  What?

Answer: A cell phone screen!

Thursday, July 18th -Question

The average person starts doing this at age 41.  What?

Answer: Taking vitamins!

Wednesday, July 17th -Question

According to a new survey, only 1 in 5 offices in the U.S. still have one of these.  What is it?

Answer: A strict dress code!

Tuesday, July 16th -Question

It’s estimated that nearly half of all people 20 years old and younger have never purchased one of these.  What?

Answer: A postage stamp!

Thursday, July 11th -Question

You’ll find this summertime treat in 67% of American households.  What?

Answer: Popsicles!

Wednesday, July 10th -Question

According to a new survey, 70% of people say they go cheap when buying these.  What?

Answer: Sunglasses!

Tuesday, July 9th -Question

41% of people have caught a coworker doing this.  What?

Answer: Stealing someone’s food!

Monday, July 8th -Question

According to a new survey, almost 60% of people say you should never do this before 8am.  What?

Answer: Call someone!

Wednesday, July 3rd -Question

In a recent survey, 33 million Americans said they would choose this for their last meal on Earth.  What is it?

Answer: Pizza!

Tuesday, July 2nd -Question

This year, 22% of new brides will have this in common.  What?

Answer: They won’t take their husband’s last name!

Monday, July 1st -Question

According to a new survey, 70% of parents will let their kids do this on vacation, but not at home.  What?

Answer: Jump on the bed!