Pass The Coffee Trivia

Pass The Coffee Trivia

Friday, November 9th-Question

According to multiple studies, men tend to live 6 to 7 years longer if they are this.  What? Answer: Married!

Thursday, November 8th-Question

A new survey says 25% of young adults have never been here.  Where?

Answer: A bank!

Wednesday, November 7th-Question

39 million of us have one of these around the house, that’s twice as many as last year.  What?

Answer: A smart speaker!

Tuesday, November 6th-Question

44% of U.S. employers give their workers this perk.  What?

Answer: Paid time off to vote!

Monday, November 5th-Question

New studies show you are at the peak of performing this skill at the age of 50.  What?

Answer: Math!

Friday, November 2nd-Question

Chances are you’ll do this hundreds of times this year, and the total bill will come to less than a dollar.  What?

Answer: Charge your phone!

Thursday, November 1st-Question

Only 8% of people pay for this type of insurance.  What?

Answer: Cell phone insurance!

Wednesday, October 31st-Question

Over a fifth of Americans practice this superstition making it the most popular one.  What is it?

Answer: Knocking on wood!

Tuesday, October 30th-Question

You’ll down 36% more calories than normal when you eat here.  Where?

Answer: Movie theater!

Monday, October 29th-Question

When it comes to online dating, this is the #1 most attractive profession for men to have in their profiles.  What?

Answer: A pilot!

Friday, October 26th-Question

When moving into a new home, 25% of people immediately replace this. What?

Answer: Toilet seat!

Thursday, October 25th-Question

It’s estimated that three-quarters of homes that have one of these never use it.  What?

Answer: A pool table!

Wednesday, October 24th-Question

According to a new survey, now only about 15% of Americans don’t have one of these.  What?

Answer: A social media account!

Tuesday, October 23rd-Question

According to the National Retail Federation, this is the top Halloween costume for pets.  What?

Answer: A pumpkin!

Monday, October 22nd-Question

30% of cats and dogs exhibit this human like behavior.  What?

Answer: Snoring!

Friday, October 19th-Question

13% of Americans do this once a month.  What?

Answer: Go to the movies!

Thursday, October 18th-Question

Only about 16% of college students currently possess this skill.  What?

Answer: Writing cursive!

Wednesday, October 17th-Question

According to a new survey, this takes the average American about 8 minutes.  What?

Answer: A shower!

Tuesday, October 16th-Question

A new study has found that this has nine times more germs on it than a public toilet seat.  What?

Answer: Your steering wheel!

Monday, October 15th-Question

Americans will spend $600 million on what this year?

Answer: Pumpkins!

Friday, October 12th-Question

The average American adult purchases these every three years.  What?

Answer: Tires!

Thursday, October 11th-Question

It has been estimated that men burn about 1200 calories doing this.  What?

Answer: Watching a football game!

Wednesday, October 10th-Question

According to a new survey, 20% of us don’t like the one we currently have, but continue to use it anyway.  What?

Answer: Our bank!

Friday, October 5th-Question

In a new survey, when asked to describe themselves in one word, 80% of people surveyed said this.  What?

Answer: Shy!

Thursday, October 4th-Question

A new study says that millennials are doing this 18% less than the previous generation.  What?

Answer: Getting divorced!

Wednesday, October 3rd-Question

37% of people have one of these in their homes and say it’s a total disaster.  What?

Answer: Junk drawer!

Tuesday, October 2nd-Question

According to a recent survey, 43% of Americans said they would rather give up this, than their morning cup of coffee.  What?

Answer: A daily shower!

Monday, October 1st-Question

According to a new survey, 80% of American workers do this at work, and 71% say it makes them more productive.  What?

Answer: Listen to music!

Friday, September 28th-Question

45% of us do this every morning.  What?

Answer: Take a vitamin!

Thursday, September 27th-Question

According to a new study, Baby Boomers are much more likely to do this every time they are supposed to, compared to Gen X’ers or Millennials.  What?

Answer: Wear their seat belt!