Pass The Coffee Trivia

Pass The Coffee Trivia

Wednesday, February 20th-Question

The average woman uses 189 of these over their lifetime, while the average male uses 140.  What are they? Answer: Sick days!

Tuesday, February 19th-Question

96% of homes in the U.S. have this in the kitchen.  Have what?

Answer: A bottle of ketchup!

Monday, February 18th-Question

According to a new survey, single women sink an average of $231 into this every month.  Single guys, just $76.  What is it?

Answer: Savings!

Friday, February 15th-Question

The #1 thing Americans say they don’t get enough of is sleep.  What’s #2 on the list?

Answer: Vacations!

Thursday, February 14th-Question

This year more than 9 million Americans will do this for Valentine’s Day.  What?

Answer: Get a gift for their pet!

Wednesday, February 13th-Question

A new study shows that only 20% of grade school kids these days know how to do this.  What?

Answer: Read an analog clock!

Tuesday, February 12th-Question

According to a new survey, 33% of American adults now do this for less than six hours each day.  What?

Answer: Sleep!

Monday, February 11th-Question

Half of brides agree, this is the thing they dreaded most about their wedding.  What?

Answer: The best man’s speech!

Friday, February 8th-Question

On average, we eat 36% more calories than on a normal day, while we are at this place.  Where?

Answer: Movie theater!

Thursday, February 7th-Question

38 is the average age of someone who does this.  What?

Answer: Files for bankruptcy!

Wednesday, February 6th-Question

The average person experiences this for the first time when they are 47 years old.  What?

Answer: Becoming a grandparent!

Tuesday, February 5th-Question

50% of women say they refuse to get rid of this, even though they don’t use it.  What?

Answer: Their wedding dress!

Monday, February 4th-Question

The average parent does this 4 times a week.  The average single person does it once a week.  What?

Answer: Laundry!

Friday, February 2nd-Question

According to a recent survey, Americans are expected to consume 1.38 billion of these this weekend.  What?

Answer: Chicken wings!  That’s 700 million chickens!

Thursday, January 31st-Question

Most American kids now master this skill without any formal training by the age of 8.  What?

Answer: Typing!

Wednesday, January 30th-Question

According to a new study, employees are less likely to make mistakes at work if this is available.  What?

Answer: Music!

Tuesday, January 29th-Question

43% of us don’t know this about ourselves.  What?

Answer: Blood type!

Monday, January 28th-Question

A new survey asked people what perks they’d like from their ideal job.  The top 3 are health insurance, life insurance and what?

Answer: Gym membership!

Thursday, January 24th-Question

The average woman uses her height in this every 5 years.  What?

Answer: Lipstick!

Wednesday, January 23rd-Question

7% of people do this every night even though health experts say you shouldn’t.  What?

Answer: Sleep on their stomach!

Tuesday, January 22nd-Question

We Americans spend $1.5 billion dollars every year on this food.  What is it?
Answer: Dog food!

Monday, January 21st-Question

You’ll find 41 of these in the average American house.  What are they?

Answer: Light bulbs!

Friday, January 18th-Question

Chances are if you or your spouse do this, your child will do it by the age of 1.  What?

Answer: Snore!

Thursday, January 17th-Question

56% of baby boomers say they had this toy growing up.  What?

Answer: Jump rope!

Wednesday, January 16th-Question

According to a new study, being in a good mood when you do this makes it more effective.  What?

Answer: Getting a flu shot!

Tuesday, January 15th-Question

In a new survey of couples, 30% of men say they’ve borrowed this from their significant other.  What?

Answer: Razor!

Monday, January 14th-Question

According to a new survey, most people think you shouldn’t get more of these once you reach your late 30s.  What?

Answer: Tattoos!

Friday, January 11th-Question

If you’re average you will have 11 of these in your lifetime.  What?

Answer: Homes/residences!

Thursday, January 10th-Question

Nearly 70% of people with one of these don’t use it for it’s original purpose.  What?
Answer: Garage!

Wednesday, January 9th-Question

Just over 26% of school kids have this in their backpack.  What is it?

Answer: Hand sanitizer!